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Children say NO to the White Death

The Azerbaijan Children's Fund has prepared a series of videos on the fight against the use of narcotics and psychotropic drugs. The main goal is to emphasize the widespread distribution of drugs among children in recent years, and to draw attention to the vigilance of society and especially parents.


For many parents, the problem of child drug addiction seems distant and unreal, but in some cases it has serious consequences. The age at which drug addiction develops most in children is between 13-19. Parental control over children gradually decreases. Children without parental supervision tend to communicate more with their peers, even with strangers, which leads to serious problems.

Our project

Young talent

The goals and objectives of the program are to provide material and moral support to young talents, to help them develop their skills, and to actively involve these children in participating in various artistic and scientific-technical competitions, Olympiads, and exhibitions.

Семья вместе
Доктор, разговаривающий с мальчиком в инвалидной коляске
Our project

Assistance for disabled children

Children with limited health opportunities constantly need expensive drugs, treatment in rehabilitation centers and medical supervision.

The role of the fund in this process:

- acts as a mediator between the family and the treatment places;

- organizes complex operations and other types of treatment for children with disabilities;

- organizes consultations regarding education, including at home and further employment opportunities;

- Volunteers of the Foundation visit disabled children at home and in hospitals;

- to interact with other public organizations that can provide assistance;

- holds exhibitions of children's creative works;

- invites children with limited health opportunities to cultural and educational events.


In addition to financial and moral assistance, you can support sick children by becoming a volunteer of the Azerbaijan Children's Fund.

Our project

Knowledge is power

Help children gain knowledge.

Participation in the publication of books for children.

Participation in the development of special literature for blind and visually impaired children.

Participation in vocational courses for deaf and hard of hearing children.

Игра с деревянными игрушками
Дети в детском саду
Our project

Open hearts

Within the framework of the "Open Hearts" project, the Azerbaijan Children's Fund invites everyone to implement their own projects to support children.

Funds collected as a result of your charity project will be directed to the special needs of children in orphanages, boarding schools and rehabilitation centers, monthly assistance to families with children with disabilities, and payments for the rehabilitation and treatment of seriously ill children in need of emergency assistance.

How the project works:

- If you have an idea to hold a charity event, write to

- We will contact you to get to know you, discuss your project and inform you about a current fundraising campaign that may be supported by your event.

- We will provide informational support for your event - publishing information about the project on the Azerbaijan Children's Fund website and social networks.

After the collected funds are transferred to the Fund, we will provide you with a full report on the implementation of the aid for which the collection was sent.

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