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Support the fund!

Donations are the easiest and most cost-effective way to do good. You can be sure that the funds you donate will support those in need. For this, we keep a detailed report on the amounts received and their distribution.

Счастливый маленькая девочка

How does this work?

We meet with the children's parents

and make a decision to include the family in the program of the fund.

For a seriously ill child

we make a separate monthly list of needs and budget for each family

Our friends and partners

make their donations, and we regularly fund families

Every day we receive requests for more help.

Mothers and their children are in distress because the meager assistance allocated by the state is not enough.
These children seem to be testing the world for kindness. To our sacrificial hearts. You can find the stories of some families on our website.

Join the project! We really need your support!

We invite everyone who wants to financially support families to be a part of this project. After all, a person who makes others happy is really happy, and in this project you can make the whole family happy.

Support the fund!

Every month we go to families with seriously ill children and take medicines, diapers and items that the partners of this project help us with. Such help is a great support for families, and most importantly, they realize that this world has not turned its back on them. There are people who try to share the burden of their parents with their own contribution. Each of our visits is always eagerly awaited.

We look forward to your help!

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Thank you for your message!

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