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Zahra Badalbeyli: “Together we can give our children a decent future”

First Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of the Azerbaijan Children's Fund Zahra Badalbeyli

She became a guest of the program "The Day Has Begun" on Azerbaijan Television.

Zahra Badalbeyli spoke about the date of foundation and the current state of the Fund:

“April 14 marks the 35th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Children's Fund. The fund was created with the direct support of national leader Heydar Aliyev. After the restoration of independence, the Fund continued its independent activities. Although the foundation is a member of the Association of International Children's Foundations, it also operates independently. The fund operated during the First Karabakh War. At that time, he took care of children who were deprived of parental care. The current chairman of the foundation, Arif Huseynov, was involved in charity work and donations.”

Speaking about the opening of the Development Center for Children "Ecliptica" at the Azerbaijan Children's Fund, Z. Badalbeyli also emphasized the feature that distinguishes the center from others:

“All funds collected at the Center will be transferred to the Fund's account. In the fund, these funds will be directed to projects aimed at increasing children's talent, knowledge and skills. There will be many interesting activities in the center. At the "Discover the World" lesson, children will expand their horizons, collect information from different fields of activity, and learn new information about the world. As part of the Financial Literacy program, children will gain knowledge about such concepts as money, savings, expenses, investments, budget and credit.

More details can be found in the video:


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