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Pupils with the highest scores

The results of the final exam held on March 12 have been announced.

According to the State Examination Center, 4 students showed the highest result, gaining 297.5 points.

The best pupil:

Abishova Fidan Yusif gizi (Nasimi District Technical and Humanitarian Lyceum of Baku). Fidan made a mistake in only one question, Fidan has not yet decided on the choice of university and specialty. She wants to study at Azerbaijani universities.

Jafarzade Taliya Javid gizi (Secondary technical and humanitarian school of the Nasimi district of Baku city). She scored 290 points in the final exam in the 9th grade. Talia is an excellent student in high school, she is preparing for the IV group and wants to study at Azerbaijan Medical University.

Murshudlu Nazrin Elkhan gizi (Classical gymnasium No. 160 of the Sabail region). Nazrin wants to study in Turkey, but she has not yet decided which university to choose. Nazrin was preparing for group I. She wants to be a computer engineer.

Guliyeva Laman Sanan gizi (Secondary School No. 169 of Sabunchi District). She wants to become a mathematics teacher (teaching in English) at ADA University.

Source: AzEdu


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