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“In our society, children are treated not as individuals, but as their own thing”

We present you an interview in "" with the First Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of the Azerbaijan Children's Fund Zahra Badalbeyli.

- Zahra, first of all, thank you for taking part in our interview. How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

Currently, I work as the first deputy chairman and executive director of the Azerbaijan Children's Fund. I also teach public relations at UNEC's International Master's and PhD programs. And of course, I do not forget about my main profession as a musician, poet, etc.

- We know that you are a very active person, and since last year you have been elected deputy chairman of the Azerbaijan Children's Fund. What is more important for you at the moment in the fund?

Last year I was elected First Vice Chairman of the Foundation, and recently I was elected Executive Director of the Foundation. This suggests that I do not like constancy, progress is important to me, especially if it applies to our younger generation. One of the important areas is: the health of children, their education, personal development, the disclosure of talents and spending free time with benefit.

At the moment, we have several projects, before the arrival of our team, no one thought that the Children's Fund could provide such great help to children. These are also projects to attract investment. This helps to improve the quality of life of children. We can compete with child policy in developed countries, we have all the resources for this. The leadership of the country inspires us to develop, and we do everything in our hands.

- There are various organizations for children in Azerbaijan today. How is your foundation different from others?

Yes, various children's organizations operate both in our country and around the world. Our difference from other organizations is that our foundation, as the first foundation and non-governmental organization, was created with the support of Heydar Aliyev. In Soviet times, our leader played a major role in the creation of the Soviet Children's Fund, and then in establishing the independent Children's Fund of Azerbaijan.

We are currently a member of the International Association of Children's Funds. On the other hand, our peculiarity has always been that we are engaged not only in children belonging to a certain group, but in supporting all children living in Azerbaijan, as well as young Azerbaijanis living in other countries. I think these moments distinguish us from other children's organizations.

- The Children's Fund has not implemented large-scale projects for a long time. What projects and events are planned for this year?

In 2022, we held a charity concert dedicated to World Children's Day. This year, projects are being prepared in various directions, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the great leader Heydar Aliyev. A "League of children's humor" and the publication of books for children are also planned. I would like to highlight a few projects in particular. We plan to implement the project "Native Songs", a music book, the project "Professional" and others.

And one of the big projects is the opening of the Children's Center "Eсliptiсa". Here are prepared interesting courses for every child. The main thing for us is to see in our projects children deprived of parental care, together with children growing up in a family.

- What are you doing today to protect the rights of children?

Various enterprises and organizations are doing a lot of work towards protecting the rights of children. The big question is how important they are. For example, we would like to create a call center for children so that all children can contact us regardless of age. Because it is very important for children. In general, one of the main problems is that children in our society are treated not as individuals, but as toys and objects of personal use.

Naturally, such an attitude violates the rights of the child. I believe this question will change completely in the near future. And we are ready to do everything possible in this direction.

- Can you tell us about your plans for the future? What are the main areas chosen by the fund this year?

As I said above, the main areas are health, art, culture and development. As the Foundation, we see the support of the state and companies of our projects as a priority. Because without this support, the implementation of our plans will be much more difficult. And I believe that we can achieve this support.


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