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Excellent result of Azerbaijani students

Azerbaijani students entered prestigious US universities.

Sara Nabikoglu, a student of the European Azerbaijani School, has entered 10 prestigious US universities. Among the universities that Sarah Nabikoglu was invited to major in aerospace engineering are US universities such as Boston, Virginia Tech, Miami, Pennsylvania and George Washington. She also entered the universities of Queen Mary and Bristol in the UK. But Sarah's choice fell on Boston University in the USA.

It should be noted that Sara Nabikoglu has achieved success in several international competitions with her inventions and ideas. Sarah is fluent in 5 languages.

Ayla Aliyeva, a student at the Oxford School, was accepted to the famous Harvard University in the USA after showing high results in the SAT exam. On which she scored 1550 points. (IELTS score 8.5)

Ayla's application to US universities such as Columbia and Brown also received a positive response. But Ayla chose Harvard University.

It should be noted that Ayla Aliyeva is the first Azerbaijani student who entered 3 of the 8 most prestigious universities in the world that are members of the Ivy League at the undergraduate level.


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