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Drug addiction is easier to prevent than to treat.

Drug addiction is a terrible disease of every society. Enslaving the will of man, she subjugates it to herself.

As a result, a person becomes helpless, devoting his whole life to the search for the next “dose”. According to the World Health Organization, by the beginning of 2023 there are about 30 million drug addicts in the world. According to the Republican Narcological Center (2022), the number of drug addicts in our country is 35 thousand 97 people. Of these, 572 are women, 11 are teenagers aged 15-17 and 271 are over 65.

The fight against drug addiction is extremely important. Drugs are easy to sell to schoolchildren. Such drug addicts usually offer the first "dose" for free, because after a while, when addiction occurs, a lot of money is needed. Therefore, drug addicts try to get money in any way.

Various preventive measures against drug addiction are implemented in different countries. It is considered correct to completely abstain from drug use in the US and Australia. Particular attention is paid to two training programs in the framework of drug abuse prevention. A program for the development of socio-psychological competence and awareness in adolescents is being implemented in Europe. The Life Skills and Responsible Decisions Program is being implemented in the United States. Both programs have shown high efficiency and are aimed at developing the skills of preventing problems in adolescents, awareness of their own actions and deeds, as well as developing their own security.

Strengthening anti-drug work in Azerbaijani schools, together with the Ministry of Education of Baku city and the State Commission for Combating Drug Addiction, will help to eradicate this problem. The State Committee for Family, Women and Children's Affairs regularly conducts educational activities for students on healthy lifestyles.

“The main purpose of the events is to inform schoolchildren about the consequences of drug addiction and other bad habits, about the social vices caused by drug addiction and the damage it causes to people's health. And also to increase students' interest in education, science and sports. At the lessons, schoolchildren are told about the dangers of drugs, real examples and the great consequences of any tobacco products for the body. They were given recommendations to refrain from bad habits and fight social vices," the Baku City Education Department said.

Also, the Baku City Education Department has created numerous activities as part of measures to combat bad habits. One such event was in 2019-2022, which helped save many children and teenagers.


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