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Children Say No to Drugs

The Azerbaijan Children's Fund has prepared a series of videos on the fight against the use of drugs and psychotropic drugs. The main goal is to highlight the widespread use of drugs among children in recent years and draw the attention of society and parents to be vigilant.

The problem of child drug addiction seems distant and unrealistic to many parents, but in some cases it has serious consequences. Typically, the age at which children are most likely to develop drug dependence is between thirteen and nineteen years of age. Parental control gradually ceases to apply to a growing child. The child tends to communicate more with peers, even with unfamiliar people, which often causes serious problems.

Azerbaijan Children's Fund with the motto "With love, care and attention, we will protect our children!" urges parents to pay attention to the problem of child drug addiction.

Social videos were created with the support of The Agency for State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


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