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Another success for 14 year old Ilana

Ilana again helped the child in the fight against cancer. This time, she became the hope for a two-year-old boy from Ukraine - Mark Negodyuk.

Desperate to save his son, Mark's father, Dmitry, turned to Ilana and her foundation with a request for help.

“The worst thing was that we didn’t know what to do, where to go and how to help our son with treatment, since all Ukrainian hospitals were closed,” he says. Ilana and her foundation took over Mark's surgery and treatment after learning of his situation.

About this case and the heroism of Ilana, about her activities in general, an extensive article was published in one of the most significant US magazines - “People“.

The magazine article tells the story of Ilana and her decision to open a Foundation to help children suffering from cancer, just like she once did.

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