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Let's help Denise together

After Elana Koenig, a 14-year-old Azerbaijani living in the US, was diagnosed with severe bone cancer, she created her own foundation (the Koenig Childhood Cancer Foundation) to give hope to children struggling with the disease.

Elana financially and morally supports hundreds of children through her foundation and helps children with cancer in Azerbaijan and Turkey. She performs at various events, sings a song of struggle, and sends the collected funds to sick children.

Now Elana is helping an Azerbaijani girl, Deniz, who is fighting cancer. Last year, together with his mother, Deniz went to Turkey for the first time for treatment with the help of the Koenig Childhood Cancer Foundation. Due to the lack of necessary conditions for treatment, she is sent to Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in the United States. Elana shares Denise's story through the foundation's social media to collect donations from all over the world. After some time, Denise recovers.

But, unfortunately, bad news has been coming from Denise lately. She was hospitalized and a new tumor was removed, and treatment continues.

Little Denise and her mother need our help. As the Azerbaijan Children's Foundation, we join the Koenig Childhood Cancer Foundation's call for support. Let's help little Deniz together, as well as Azerbaijani children suffering from this disease, to recover.

Donate to Denise's treatment and share this post on your social media account.

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